Dr. McCurry is Vice-President Grains for Health Foundation and Chair of its Scientific Advisory Board. The Foundation is a not-for-profit group of university, industry, and NGOs working to make healthier grain choices recognized, available, affordable, and consumed to effect improvements in the health of consumers. In addition, he is active with several small start-up companies and is a principle in PolyCell Technologies, a MN company developing and marketing grain-based nutritional biopolymers, including β-glucans. He consults widely on a range of scientific and food-related regulatory issues with FDA and other agencies.

After receiving his Ph.D. from the Biochemistry Department at Michigan State University, Steve worked on rapid enzyme kinetics and EPR at MIT. In 1982 he started his food industry career in the Research Department of the Kellogg Company in Battle Creek Michigan, working on control of lipid peroxidation and GC-MS analysis of flavor compounds in ready-to-eat cereals. He served as Kellogg’s scientific representative to Agrigenetics. In 1985 he was named Director of Research and soon thereafter was promoted to Corporate Vice-President.

In 1990 he moved to Minnesota as Vice-President and General Manager of Central Research of Cargill Corporation. At that time Cargill was a $60+ billion / year company and Steve directed Central Research to support a wide range of product areas and divisions in diverse businesses of: Agricultural Inputs (e.g. seed, and animal feed); Agricultural Outputs [e.g. flour milling, corn milling (wet and dry), malting, oilseed processing (soy and others), orange and apple juices , beef, poultry, eggs, and peanuts]; Industrial Products [e.g. salt, fertilizer steel milling, citric acid, and lactic acid]; as well as a diverse array of Trading groups and The Financial markets Division.

Steve represented Cargill on the International Biotechnology Advisory Board of the Plant Biology Department at UC Berkeley and was the Chair of the Industrial Advisory Board of the Department of Food Science and Nutrition at the University of Minnesota for three years. When Cargill established a nutraceutical department in 1997, he joined that group to focus on product opportunities and begin FDA regulatory work for Cargill. He was on the board of ILSI (International Life Science Institute) and represented Cargill at IFIC (International Food Information Council), CHPA (Consumer Healthcare Products Association). He left Cargill in 2001 to deal with some family health issues and start his consulting business

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