Supplier Spotlight

Supporting the Farmers of Amaranth & Flax


Qing Qing MIao,

Visiting the Agricultural Roots of Accura Organics

“My grandfather farmed, and my father worked with oilseeds. Agriculture is in my blood.” Deepak Vacchani introduced his trade as the owner of Accura Organics, family-founded in 2007. Since then, Bay State Milling has helped Accura grow to become our largest supplier of organic flax and amaranth.

We visited Deepak in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India. Growers we met noted the above-average yields for both crops that year due to residual moisture. But climate change has had a net adverse effect in the past seven years, causing flax plants to produce smaller seeds. We met flax growers who mitigated these risks with crop diversification. Mahesh Patidar, for example, produces multiple crops and plants a “double size” variety of flax. Just 20 miles away, Sukhdev Malvi grows watermelons, chilis, tomatoes and guava in his greenhouse while he rotates his field with wheat, corn, flax, poppy and chickpeas. He also makes compost and sells the worms as well as the finished product.

Returning to his hometown in Gujarat, Deepak visits the families of farmers to “exchange kindness.” He adds, “it’s important to understand their economic situation, to meet their children, because this is also where my children grow up.” Although COVID-19 has impacted everything, farmers are faring well because they strictly keep to their properties.

Accura staff

Back at the Accura facility, Deepak is finding ways to improve operations and the employee experience. His solar roofs provide 25–30% of electricity, and he plans to invest in more. He has also established 25 free, on-site apartment units for employees and provides extra food and immunity booster tablets. Employees who felt sick were encouraged to work from home.

In the same way that Deepak takes care of his employees, we also strive to take care of him as a key supply partner: “Bay State Milling has strong business ethics, a friendly approach, and very good payment terms. When freight rates increased due to COVID-19, they covered the extra cost. They are supportive and work with us through the challenges.”