VIDEO: Registered Dietitian Shares Best Foods to Halt Diabetes


Jill Weisenberger,

Jill Weisenberger, MS, RD, CDE is ranked as one of US News & World Report’s, 10 Dietitian’s You Need to Follow on Social Media, and a four-time book author. She has more than 20 years of experience as a registered dietitian-nutritionist (RDN) and is a certified diabetes educator (CDE) and certified health and wellness coach. The following is sponsored content by Jill Weisenberger. You can learn more about Bay State Milling Company’s partnership with Jill here.

Video Transcript

I’m Jill Weisenberger, registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator in Southeast Virginia, and I have some surprising statistics to share with you. Next time you are in a supermarket, a shopping mall or a crowded sporting event, randomly count out ten people; it is a near guarantee that four of them will have diabetes or prediabetes. That’s a lot of people who are looking to manage—or really even reverse—the disease process, especially through diet.

I love talking about diet because I love food and because adding health boosting foods to the diet is always a winning strategy. I have lots of foods I like to recommend, including foods with resistant starch like these that are made with the HealthSense High Fiber Wheat Flour. Not only are products like bread and pasta, familiar but they taste great and have at least double the amount of fiber than similar products made with traditional wheat flour.

The thing that makes resistance starch so cool is that it doesn’t contribute to blood sugar levels and that’s because, just like it sounds, it’s resistant to digestion and that’s what gives it its fiber quality. Resistant starch has a second superpower; it feeds the gut bacteria and in the process compounds are formed that have health benefits. One of those health benefits is that it reduces insulin resistance. So, that is two ways that my patients with diabetes or prediabetes benefit from having resistant starch.

They always want to know, ‘well, where else am I going to get resistant starch?’ I have several foods to recommend to them, including green or under ripe bananas; uncooked oats that is delicious in muesli; and also cold potatoes because who doesn’t love potato salad?

I have even more to recommend like pulses, so that’s the peas and lentils. They have resistance starch and they’re also known to be heart healthy. That is so important to my patients with diabetes and prediabetes because people with diabetes have at least double the risk of having a heart attack or stroke.

Then we have this grouping of five foods. The American Diabetes Association finds that diets that have high intakes of yogurt and berries, nuts and even coffee and tea are linked to less risk of type 2 diabetes.

We can put all of that together. For breakfast, we can have yogurt with berries and nuts; add some tea to that. We can have a sandwich made with that HealthSense High Fiber Wheat Flour; have some coffee with that. Then tonight, for dinner, just go into your pantry pick out a can of black beans or chickpeas, whatever is your favorite, drain them, rinse them and put a spoonful on top of your green salad.

Now, you have all of my favorite foods for diabetes and prediabetes.

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