Innovation begins with Collaboration

The Rothwell GrainEssentials Center is an integral part of our ability to act as a full-service partner and is home base for our diverse team of technical professionals.  From idea to ingredient, we have the skills and capabilities to understand customer needs and deliver unique plant-based ingredients with the value, quality and consistency you expect from Bay State Milling all under one roof.

The Center is comprised of several state of the art laboratories that drive innovation and quality from seeds to shipment.

Our milling laboratory houses a variety of mills from small benchtop mills to process whole grains through pilot scale experimental mills to replicate roller milling technology.

Our analytical laboratory contains state of the art equipment for measuring quality and nutritional aspects of grains and seeds including protein, dietary fiber and rheological properties using both wet chemistry and precision analytical instruments.

Our baking laboratory includes standardized mixers, proof boxes and ovens to test baking quality of flours to ensure consistent performance throughout the crop year of our wheat-based ingredients.

Our applications laboratory includes equipment to develop an extensive array of finished foods based on the many grains, seeds and flours we offer.  Specific application capabilities include all forms of baking from traditional artisan to production pan bread; pilot line to produce tortillas and flatbreads; pizza crust presses and ovens including an outdoor brick oven; pasta extruder; griddle and fryer.

Our food analysis laboratory contains analytical equipment to measure the performance of our ingredients in finished foods with accuracy including:  water activity; moisture; loaf volume; cell structure; texture analysis; and pH.  In addition to these analytical capabilities, we also maintain a trained sensory panel to measure the impact of ingredients on flavor and texture.

We believe having all of these capabilities under one roof enhances our ability to serve customers by leveraging the know-how of our entire team that supports our business from new supply chain development through ingredient innovation and quality.  We welcome our customers to benefit from this collaborative environment as well.  Although laboratory based, the style of the Center reflects our desire for you to feel at home and to create new products with us.

Meet our Technical Team

The Rothwell GrainEssentials Center is dedicated to Bernard J. Rothwell, 2nd, former president and third generation of family ownership.  Mr. Rothwell’s pioneering spirit and dedication to excellence is the inspiration for the creative and collaborative atmosphere of the center.

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