Sprouted Deliciousness
BeneGrain® Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour has a naturally smooth, subtly sweet flavor that’s perfect for bagels, breads, tortillas, snacks and cereals. Our sprouted whole wheat flour uses carefully selected wheat varieties that are suited for sprouting and adheres to a precise germination process to ensure there’s never a bitter taste.

Better-for-You Creds
BeneGrain® Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour is packed with whole grain nutrition, amino acids and more than two times the enzymes of traditional whole wheat flour, so you can create products that are as nutritious as they are delicious.

Peace of Mind
BeneGrain® Sprouted Whole Wheat Flour is grown, sprouted and milled through Bay State Milling’s identity-preserved grower network, providing unparalleled supply chain resiliency in today’s uncertain market.

= organic available

Sprouted Wheat Hard red wheat sprouted to an optimal level of enzymatic activity using a highly controlled process for the perfect balance of flavor, baking performance and nutrition. For use wherever applications call for whole wheat. Available in whole wheat flour and steel cut varieties. Non-GMO Project Verified. BeneGrain®
Sprouted Rice Flour Developed for use in a range of applications, our sprouted
brown rice flour is carefully germinated to release powerful
enzymes resulting in a highly nutritious, gluten‐free flour
that delivers on taste and performance. Non-GMO Project Verified.
Sprouted Oats Bay State Milling sprouts identity preserved, purity protocol, gluten-free naked oats to deliver a boost of protein and bioavailability of nutrients when compared to traditional oats. Available in flaked or flour forms . Non-GMO Project Verified. BeneGrain®
Sprouted Grain Blend Take the guesswork out of creating a wholesome inclusion that will add flavor, texture and visual interest to your application. Sprouted wheat, sprouted rye, sprouted barley, sprouted oats, sprouted millet and sprouted flax delivery the goodness of whole grains with a less bitter profile than their non-germinated counterparts. Non-GMO Project Verified BeneGrain®
Sprouted Gluten-Free Grain Blend Sprouted brown rice, sprouted millet, sprouted sorghum, sprouted amaranth, sprouted flax and sprouted quinoa are combined to add protein, minerals and soluble fiber deliciously for your clean label formulation. Certified Gluten-Free and Non-GMO Project Verified. BeneGrain®

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