SowNaked Oats Purity Protocol Ensures Gluten-Free Product


Bay State Milling Company,
Bay State Milling's Dan Collins in a SowNaked Oat field with Gary Iverson from Montana Gluten Free.

Our SowNaked Mindfully Farmed Oats offer several clear benefits. The naturally higher protein levels—around 18 grams of protein compared to 13 of traditional oats—are clear on protein analysis. Their lower carbohydrates are also visible in comparison to traditional oats. When it comes to gluten-free purity, our partners at Montana Gluten Free are the difference makers.

Back in 2003, Montana Gluten Free established a Gluten Free Oat Purity Protocol that includes a visual check for gluten-containing grains in the field by farmers, a thorough analysis from an inspector, stringent handling requirements and, finally, rigorous testing.

Before SowNaked Oats are even planted, the fields must be absent of gluten-containing grains, including wheat, rye and barley, for four years. Once the fields are deemed ready, the farmers take an active role in ensuring purity. Once the oats are grown, the farmers walk to field; removing the occasional gluten-containing plant. These plants are often found close to the road. The stray grains are usually the result of a runaway seed from a passing truck.

Aside from having clear land, the farmers make sure their combines, vehicles and storage are free from wheat and the like.

Montana Gluten Free relies on its farmers, but they also send certified inspectors to every farm to verify. The inspectors walk the fields and then inspect combines, vehicles and storage space to certify everything is ready for gluten-free SowNaked Oats.

After harvest, the oats are examined and run through the strictest gluten testing available, ELISA G12 and R5. SowNaked Oats test null on the enzyme-based G12 ELISA assay, meaning they contain less than 3 ppm of gluten. Any oats that test over 5 ppm are rejected.

You can learn more about SowNaked Mindfully Farmed Oats, the 2018 Nexty Award Winner for Best New Ingredient, here.

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