Oats and foods derived from them have been consumed for centuries around the world.  They are known as a satiating source of nutrition, delivering heart healthy fiber.

As diets have evolved and agriculture has advanced, we believe oats can play an important role in meeting consumer desire for plant-based nutrition as well as safety in the form of pathogen and allergen control.

Bay State Milling offers a variety of oat products with a strong focus on controlling gluten allergens in the oat supply chain, while delivering superior nutritional quality, sustainability and safety.

Our SowNaked™ oats are a unique variety of hull-less oat that delivers a minimum of 20% protein-approximately 45% higher protein than common oats.  SowNaked oats are a unique variety that are identity preserved and traceable to our partner farms in Montana.  Farmers who grow naked oats appreciate the financial return vs. traditional oats as the lack of hull translates into significantly higher harvest yields, while delivering better nutrition for consumers.

Our Canadian Prairie oats are traditional hulled oats that also offer traceability to family farms, in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  These oats offer more of the traditional nutritional profile of oats, but undergo a unique heat treatment step that provides superior flavor and shelf life, along with microbiological reduction that makes them suitable for use in ready-to-eat foods.

The common ingredient in both of our oat supply chains is the strict adherence to Purity Protocol Standard set forth by the Gluten Intolerance Group to ensure consumers with Celiac disease or extreme gluten sensitivity can safely eat oats which are inherently gluten free, but often contaminated with gluten in the supply chain.

Purity Protocol handling is a rigorous process of quality checks and testing that extends from the farm all the way to oat ingredient packaging.

If you are producing oat products with a gluten-free claim, our Purity Protocol traceable oat ingredients are the only way to go.

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