As a leader in organic plant-based ingredients, it’s only natural that our products meet the highest standards.  Certified by Quality Assurance International and USDA NOP guidelines, you can be sure that Bay State Milling organic ingredients are grown by farms that practice sustainable and renewable systems of agriculture.  In addition, our long-term relationships with these farms ensure you always have a consistent supply of high quality products to support your clean label.

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= organic available

High Gluten A superior high-gluten organic wheat flour. Provides maximum volume, excellent mixing and fermentation tolerance. Ideal for hearth breads, bagels, hard rolls, croissants and thin pizza crusts. OrganicEssentials®, Boulder®
Bread A premium bread flour milled from a blend of wheats selected for their gluten quality. Specially milled for the artisan baker and excellent for variety and pan breads, hard and soft rolls, thick pizza crusts and puff pastries. OrganicEssentials®, Columbine®
H&R All Purpose An all-purpose flour that produces quality results in a variety of baked goods including quick breads, flat breads, tortillas, soft rolls, breadings, batters and biscuits. OrganicEssentials®, Aspen®
Pastry A lower protein flour milled for tender baked goods such as biscruits, muffins, cookies, pie crusts and pastries. OrganicEssentials®, Snowdrift
Whole Wheat A finely milled 100% whole wheat flour for better volume and lighter crumb in breads, hearth breads, rolls, pizza crusts and multigrain breads. OrganicEssentials®, High Frontier®
Spelt, White and Whole An ancient relative of modern wheat with a mild flavor profile. Perfect for pan, flat and hearth breads, buns, rolls, pizza, tortillas, pancakes and multigrain formulas. OrganicEssentials®, Bakers Elements®
Sprouted Wheat Hard red wheat sprouted to an optimal level of enzymatic activity using a highly controlled process for the perfect balance of nutrition, baking performance and consistency. For use wherever applications call for whole wheat. Non-GMO Project Verified. BeneGrain
Sprouted Rice Flour Developed for use in a range of applications, our sprouted
rice flour is carefully germinated  to release powerful
enzymes resulting in a highly nutritious, gluten‐free flour
that delivers on taste and performance. Non-GMO Project Verified.
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