Photo Ops, Samples and Much More at IBIE 2019


Bay State Milling Company,

The International Baking Industry Expo or IBIE 2019 begins September 8. We here at Bay State Milling have a lot of exciting things to share, so the event that comes around but every three years, couldn’t have landed at a better time.

Representatives of sales, technical service, R&D, marketing and management will be on hand for the four day show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Stop by Booth #7723 to chat with our team. While you’re there, we’ll have tons for you to taste and see.

Best in Baking

Before the show even started, we received some exciting news. IBIE and Snack Food and Wholesale Baking recognized Bay State Milling and HealthSense High Fiber Wheat Flour as a qualifier for the Best in Baking. We were honored in the Sustainability/Ingredient category. We will be part of the Best in Baking Lounge, located in the Grand Concourse of the Las Vegas Convention Center, so make sure you stop by.

Get your photo taken

Sure Booth #7723 is a trade show booth, but it’s also a photo booth. We created a pair of cutouts that offer a little pop of color to our booth and your Instagram feed. Grab a colleague, smile big and don’t forget to use our hashtags. We have one highlighting SowNaked Oats with the #GetSowNaked. The other photo cutout is a duo of happy farmers in a HealthSense High Fiber Wheat field, complete with #FiberfromtheFarm.

Have your photo taken at Booth 7723 during IBIE 2019.

Have your photo taken at Booth 7723 during IBIE 2019.

Don’t leave empty handed

Once you’ve posted your photo, make sure to grab a button. You can pick one of the Bay State Milling, SowNaked Oats and HealthSense buttons, or collect them all.

Grab a bite to eat

Of course, a trade show experience is not complete without some tasty samples. You will not leave the Bay State Milling booth hungry. We’ll be sampling range of items to give you a taste (get it?) of our products.

First, it wouldn’t be the Baking Expo without some bread. We’ll be serving fresh baked bread each day of the show. Our sprouted sourdough bread is made with 100% organic BeneGrain Sprouted Wheat Flour. Product Applications Technologist Nicholas Ahrens will be baking these loaves each morning and proofing the following day’s bread right in our booth.

*Bread photo

We’ll have two options of pita chips, both made with HealthSense High Fiber Wheat. The first is dusted with cinnamon sugar. This application creates a sweet treat that is high in fiber and flavor. We’ll also have plain HealthSense chips that can be dipped in 88 Acres seed butter.

88 Acres, a fellow Massachusetts-based company and one of our customers, offers seven varieties of individual-serving seed butters. The butters, all free of the eight top allergens, are built on a platform of sunflower, pumpkin and watermelon seeds.

88 Acres’ first product offering was bars. The bars are seed-based, allergen-free and use high-protein SowNaked Oats. We will be sampling five different kinds of bars during the show.

Meet 88 Acres co-founder Nicole Ledoux

Touch the screen

The final item you can’t miss at Booth #7723 is our 50-inch touch screen. Don’t want to lug around a stack of papers and brochures? We’ve got you covered! All our collateral can be emailed directly to you from the booth. The screen also has an interactive map that shows our global supply chain. Touch a spot on the map and you can see exactly where we source our ingredients.

At the center of our IBIE booth is a 50 inch touch screen.

At the center of our IBIE booth is a 50 inch touch screen.

And there’s more

Members of our team will also be hosting some noteworthy events. There’s Director of Technical Service Harold Ward’s presentation titled, “From Flour to Finished Product: Formulating with High Resistant Starch Wheat Flour.” Product Applications Specialist Nicholas Ahrens will be giving a demonstration about baking with sprouted grains. Our booth will also host two forums with Nathan Rea, a farmer in the Pacific Northwest who is growing HealthSense High Fiber Wheat Flour. Learn about all of our events here.

See you at the show!