Customer Spotlight

Sprouted Grains Drive Growth at Temima’s Bakery


Colleen Zammer, Senior Director of Market and Product Development
Kathryn and Jennifer Geyer are the sister owners of Temima's Bakery in Pound Ridge, NY.

It’s always great when we find someone, a customer or a consumer, that appreciates the same things we do here at Bay State Milling.  When we launched BeneGrain® sprouted wheat flour in 2015, we wanted to provide an ingredient to bakers and food producers that leveraged our roots in wheat flour, but provided a unique experience for all involved.  We aspired to produce a sprouted wheat flour that offers stellar performance in the bakery, as well as a sweet and never bitter flavor that would bring the most selective eaters into the whole grain fold.  Throw in the improved digestibility and availability of nutrients that occur when grains are sprouted and we thought we had a pretty cool offering.  We are proud that BeneGrain has taken off so well, but it is the stories we hear from users that confirm we accomplished our goal!

Meet Kathryn and Jennifer Geyer, sister owners of Temima’s Bakery in Pound Ridge, NY.  Temima is the Hebrew word for whole or pure, and the name conveys the essence of what these talented ladies deliver to their customers every day.  Their baked goods are made from as few ingredients as possible, with a focus on whole sprouted grains, minimally processed sweeteners and fats, and as many organic ingredients as they can find.  They believe in clean and healthy eating, and they have found a growing consumer base who align with their beliefs and values, and who also love their products!

Jennifer and Kathryn decided to open Temima’s Bakery two years ago when they were having trouble finding breads and baked goods that were made the way they liked to eat—clean and healthy.  Breads found at the grocery store didn’t always deliver 100% whole grains, and when they did, they were disenchanted with the texture, flavor or the laundry list of ingredients that didn’t seem necessary.

A Sprouted Bread from Temima's Bakery. Photo courtesy of owners Kathryn and Jennifer Geyer.

A Sprouted Bread from Temima’s Bakery. Photo courtesy of owners Kathryn and Jennifer Geyer.

There are many great bakeries out there, but key to Temima’s offerings, particularly their bread, is a foundation of sprouted grains.  They always knew there was something different and better about sprouted grains, and they feel better eating them, but they had to do some research of their own to really understand the benefits and to educate their customers on why they were better for them.  They went as far as putting a tag on every loaf explaining why their sprouted bread was so special:

Why Sprouted Wheat?

If you have ever grimaced at the taste of whole grains, sprouted wheat is your new best friend.  To many, sprouting wheat reduces the bitter flavor associated with traditional whole wheat breads.  Some bakers add sweeteners to their breads to offset this bitterness.  With sprouted wheat this is not necessary.

But taste is not the only standout quality of sprouted wheat.  Without going into a long biology lesson, the key point to walk away with is that nutrients “locked” into the grain are made available once sprouted.  This means that more protein, vitamins, and essential elements can be more easily absorbed by our bodies.

Foods like grains, beans, and seeds all undergo this change once sprouted.  Sprouting requires soaking the grain and then tending to it through several simple steps until it, quite literally, sprouts!  For wheat, the grain is then dried and milled into flour.

A Sprouted Bread from Temima's Bakery. Photo courtesy of owners Kathryn and Jennifer Geyer.

A Sprouted Bread from Temima’s Bakery. Photo courtesy of owners Kathryn and Jennifer Geyer.

They knew they were onto something special when they couldn’t keep samples on the table at the Farmer’s Market because local kids were scarfing down the 100% whole grain sprouted bread!

Kathryn and Jennifer have evolved their recipes over time and have tried a variety of sprouted wheat flours and have fallen in love with Bay State Milling’s BeneGrain organic sprouted wheat flour.  Made from Identity Preserved varieties of hard red spring wheat that is carefully germinated to optimize the balance of performance, flavor and nutrition, it has proven itself a winner in Temima’s breads.  If you have ever baked (or eaten) 100% whole grain bread, you know that it can be dense and bitter, challenging even the most health-driven consumer.  But these seasoned bakers found that breads made with BeneGrain were airy and light, without a trace of bitterness.  They attribute these properties to our unique sprouting process, and our finely milled flour which produces a strong dough.  They often get compliments and questions from first time consumers, including “are you sure this is 100% whole grain?”

As much as we would like to take all of the credit, the success of their breads is probably due to the other fresh ingredients, as well as the time and care they put into baking them.  They believe in long fermentation to develop flavor and improve digestibility, modeled after European breads.   Their formula seems to be working, as their business has grown substantially, with standing orders from local retailers and national grocery store chains getting on board soon.

We are thrilled to be a part of Temima’s success story, and encourage you to check out their beautiful baked goods on their website,  If you are local to the Pound Ridge, NY area, stop in to experience the sprouted difference on site, and if not, you can order online for next day delivery.

A Sprouted Bread from Temima's Bakery. Photo courtesy of owners Kathryn and Jennifer Geyer.

A Sprouted Bread from Temima’s Bakery. Photo courtesy of owners Kathryn and Jennifer Geyer.