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Our experts work side-by-side with foodservice and manufacturing partners to collaborate on plant-based, customer-focused solutions  and creative new products for grain-based foods.  With a team of experts knowledgeable in food and bakery science, culinary trends, and in-depth knowledge of grain functionality, we can create custom blends of exceptional quality that are delivered consistently to ensure your new products will always taste and perform the way you want.  As an integrated miller with over a century of expertise, we have access to an array of flours and grains which can be milled and blended to your specifications including a variety of granulations from ultra-fine to coarse, cuts, cracks, flakes and meals.

Whether you’re looking to expand your product line, experiment with new trends, or create something entirely new, we can offer a complete range of flours and grains of all different sizes, shapes, colors, textures and nutrients.  You will also enjoy access to a variety of seeds and bakery spices which can be custom blended to meet your product requirements.

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