July 14, 2016 Press Release



Bay State Milling Receives 5 Analytical Accuracy Awards from AACC International


Quincy, MA (July 14, 2016) – AACC International has recognized five Bay State Milling Company facilities for “Outstanding Accuracy and Precision.” The quality assurance teams in Mooresville, North Carolina; Indiantown, Florida; Tolleson, Arizona; Winona, Minnesota and Platteville, Colorado earned Analytical Accuracy Awards for 2015.

AACC International is a non-profit organization made up of specialists in the use of cereal grains in foods. The organization’s proficiency rating is an optional service that compares check sample results with other laboratories and provides quantitative estimates of laboratory accuracy. Bay State’s facilities received the organization’s “Recognition of Analytical Performance,” which is awarded to laboratories that exhibit a year of exceptional work.

“The importance of the cross-check program is ensuring our analytical accuracy and precision so that we provide the best available information to our customers on the Certificate of Analysis,” said Jennifer Robinson, Vice President of Quality Assurance.

The following is a list of recognitions by facility.

Mooresville—Outstanding Accuracy and Precision for: Moisture, Ash, Protein, Falling Number, Absorption, Arrival Time, Peak, Stability, Departure, MTI and Peak Viscosity. First place Pioneer Award for: NIR protein.  Third place Pioneer Award for: NIR ash.

Tolleson—Outstanding Accuracy and Precision for: Moisture, Ash, Protein and Falling Number

Winona—Recognition of Analytical Performance: Analysis of Farinograph

Indiantown—Outstanding Accuracy and Precision for: Moisture, Ash, Protein and Falling Number

Platteville—Outstanding Accuracy and Precision for: Moisture, Ash, Protein and Falling Number

Robinson also stated, “Ensuring analytical excellence is a foundation of the commitment we make to our customers to act with the utmost integrity. Product integrity starts with ensuring accurate and precise measurements throughout the process to ensure we consistently deliver on our promise to customers.”

About Bay State Milling Company

Bay State Milling Company has proudly provided exceptional flour and plant-based ingredients since 1899. The Core Purpose of the Company is to provide food ingredients to promote the growth of healthful and affordable food choices for the consumer.  Bay State Milling is committed to be a leading supplier of sustainable plant-based solutions for grain-based foods through investments in employees, unique supply chains, and specialized ingredient processing technology.  Additionally, Bay State Milling is focused on seed varietal development through its wholly-owned subsidiary, 5th Generation Seed, LLC.  For more information on the Company, visit www.baystatemilling.com or call 1-800-553-5687.

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