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Arista Cereal Technologies Achieves Major Commercial Milestones for its High Amylose Wheat


Sydney, Australia (April 11, 2018)Arista Cereal Technologies (Arista) announces significant progress in its commercialization of high fiber wheat.

Arista is a privately held, joint-venture company formed by Limagrain, a fifty-year-old farmer-founded and directed, world player in wheat seeds, and CSIRO, Australia’s National Research Agency, a globally recognized organization focused on using science to make a positive difference in the world for nearly one hundred years.  The companies began collaborating on fundamental research in wheat starch 20 years ago, and joined their efforts and expertise in 2006 to develop and commercialize wheat with direct consumer health benefits.

The high fiber wheat developed by Arista contains high levels of amylose, a starch molecule which occurs naturally in wheat and is resistant to digestion, thereby acting as fiber, having a positive impact on digestive and glycemic health as well as chronic diseases associated with inadequate fiber consumption.

As part of their ongoing research and breeding efforts of high amylose wheat, Arista has developed a portfolio of more than 50 patents, registered in priority countries across the world. “Arista shareholders, with their extensive experience in intellectual property protection, and long-term focus, are highly committed to this portfolio which is a result of their previous 20 years of research,” states Eric Vaschalde, CEO of Arista Cereal Technologies.  “Our owners view high amylose wheat as a priority for their organizations to close the global fiber gap.”

Arista is working with breeding companies in the USA, Europe and Australasia to commercialize high fiber wheat across the world.  In North America, Arista has chosen Bay State Milling Company, renowned for superior supply chain management and innovative value-added flours, as their commercial partner to bring high fiber wheat ingredients to market.  Arista and Bay State Milling have been working for the past several years in various geographies in the United States to prepare several varieties of wheat to satisfy both farmers and food companies and build a reliable, resilient and scalable supply chain.  Bay State Milling launched HealthSense™ high fiber wheat flour, which meets the US FDA definition of category 1, intrinsic and intact fiber, in June 2017.

Commercial quantities will be available for a variety of food applications in the fall of 2018. Commercialization in other parts of the world will follow.

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As Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO pushes the boundaries of what is possible in innovation, science and technology. CSIRO delivers impact nationally and globally through collaboration with industry, governments and communities. CSIRO Agriculture and Food takes an integrated ‘gene to plate’ approach to improve crop quality and yield, develop innovative food processing technologies, create new value-added foods, and grow livestock, aquaculture and fishery industries.

About Limagrain

The fourth largest seed company worldwide, Limagrain is an international agricultural cooperative group founded and managed by French farmers.  As a creator and producer of plant varieties, Limagrain distributes field seeds, vegetable seeds and cereal products.

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