Naked Oats is the common name for cultivars of hull-less oats; however, these oats are anything but common! During harvest, these oats thresh free of their hulls eliminating the 30% yield loss associated with traditional oats. This allows for greater returns to our growers while eliminating the energy-intensive steps of hulling and kilning—no heat, no steam.

SowNaked™ delivers cleaner nutrition with higher protein (18%) and lower carbohydrates (63%) than traditional oats.  These oats are produced within a gluten-free purity protocol system testing less than 5ppm using the ELISA G12 method and are non-GMO Project Verified.

Identity preserved to Montana farms, SowNaked™ oats provide a healthier, more sustainable option for you and your consumer.

Available in a variety of forms, conventional, organic and certified transitional to meet your specific needs:

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