At Bay State Milling, our specialty flours deliver specific taste, texture or nutrition requirements beyond what traditional bakery flours can deliver.  They’re milled for your unique application requirements to provide just the right amount of strength to produce authentic results.

= organic available

Durum Milled from selected stocks of whole durum for high quality pasta products. Bay State Milling
Semolina Premium semolina milled from select durum wheats. Bright golden color, high protein and precise granulation for consistently excellent long and short extruded pasta products. Bay State Milling
Farina Made from the endosperm of the grain, milled and sifted to a fine granular consistency. Used in breakfast cereals, topping or dusting. Bay State Milling
Tortilla A superior patent flour milled from selected wheats. Excellent absorption and handling characteristics. Produces pressed, die-cut and hand-stretched tortillas with excellent color and texture. Bay State Milling
Noodle A low-ash patent flour with excellent absorption and handling qualities with superior color stability. Perfect for all types of Asian noodles, wontons, egg rolls and dumpling skins. White Pearl®
Bakers Bran Purified selection of hard wheat bran. Adds visual appeal and texture. Good source of nutrition and dietary fiber for specialty breads, muffins, cereals and snacks. Bay State Milling
Sprouted Wheat Hard red wheat sprouted to an optimal level of enzymatic activity using a highly controlled process for the perfect balance of nutrition, baking performance and consistency. For use wherever applications call for whole wheat. Non-GMO Project Verified. BeneGrain
Sprouted Rice Flour Developed for use in a range of applications, our sprouted
rice flour is carefully germinated  to release powerful
enzymes resulting in a highly nutritious, gluten‐free flour
that delivers on taste and performance. Non-GMO Project Verified.
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