Bay State Milling knows how to create a blended family of ingredients.  We’re a fully-integrated miller with over a century of grain-based food experience and access to a wide variety of granulation options.  Furthermore, our off-the-shelf and custom blends are developed for and meticulously tested in a variety of applications by our culinary and food science specialists in the Rothwell GrainEssentials Center — ensuring the very highest level of performance.

= organic available

Multigrain Flour Blend A blend of whole wheat, oat and rye milled for optimal performance and blended with golden flax seed. Delivers whole grains, fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.
Ancient Grain Flour Blend A distinctive combination of amaranth, barley, millet, quinoa, rye and spelt. Optimized for taste, functionality and nutrition. 100% whole grain.
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