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(f) denotes flour ingredients.



  • N/A 53.00% (f) GrainEssentials® Whole White Wheat Extra Fine Flour
  • N/A 7.00% (f) Vital Wheat Gluten
  • N/A 20.00% Bakers Elements™ Nourishing 9 Grain Blend1
  • N/A 3.00% Soybean Oil
  • N/A 1.00% Instant Active Dry Yeast
  • N/A 0.50% Distilled Monoglycerides
  • N/A 0.25% DATEM
  • N/A 20ppm Ascorbic Acid
  • N/A 55.00% Water


  • N/A 20.00% (f) GrainEssentials® Whole Wheat Fine Flour
  • N/A 10.00% (f) OrganicEssentials® Whole Spelt Flour
  • N/A 10.00% (f) GrainEssentials® Whole Rye Extra Fine Flour
  • N/A 8.00% Honey
  • N/A 2.00% Salt
  • N/A 2.00% Brown Sugar
  • N/A 2.00% Molasses
  • N/A 0.63% Instant Active Dry Yeast
  • N/A 0.01% Strengthening Enzyme
  • N/A 120ppm Ascorbic Acid
  • N/A 24.61% Water
0 219% TOTAL
  1. Place sponge ingredients in an A-200 20qt mixing bowl fitted with a dough hook.
  2. Mix for 1 minute on low speed and 3 minutes on medium speed.
  3. Target sponge temperature is 78°F (+/- 2°F).
  4. Ferment for 3 hours at 86°F / 80% RH.
  5. End of fermentation target dough temperature is 86-88°F.
  6. Place dough ingredients in mixing bowl and mix for 30 seconds on low speed.
  7. Add sponge to bowl. Mix for 1 minute on low speed and 4-6 minutes on medium speed to optimum.
  8. Target dough temperature is 78°F (+/- 2°F).
  9. Rest for 10 minutes on bench for intermediate proof.
  10. Divide and round into 26.8 ounce dough pieces.
  11. Rest for 5 minutes for intermediate proof.
  12. Sheet and mould dough pieces. Place into greased, wide bread pans.
  13. Proof dough for 55-60 minutes at 100°F / 80% RH or to full proof.
  14. Bake for 30 minutes at 390°F.
  15. Cool for 60 minutes, slice, and bag.

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