Fresh Bread Stars at BSM Artisan Bakery Expo Booth


Adam Roberts,

Touted by organizers as the “best change the baking industry has seen in 30 years,” the International Artisan Bakery Expo will hold its inaugural show March 5-7, 2019 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Bay State Milling isn’t one to miss a big innovation, so we’ll be there at Booth 540.

According to the show’s website, “This event is designed for the artisan baker offering fresh, un-packaged products sold through specialty retail bakeries, in-store bakeries, bakery cafés and other foodservice operations.”

The show’s 30 seminars and 12 demonstrations span the spectrum from ingredients to employee retention to hands-in-the-dough demos. The organizers have built a roster full of familiar bakers and industry veterans.

Badge holders for this first-ever artisan show are treated to a two-for-one special of sorts. Free access is available to the International Pizza Expo, which will run for the 35th consecutive year in the hall next door. You can read our preview of Pizza Expo 2019 here.

The Bay State booth at IABE will offer all the sights and smells of a bustling bakery. Nicholas Ahrens, Bay State Milling’s Product Applications Technologist has created a Sprouted Sourdough Cold Fermented Batard, specifically for this event.

BeneGrain Sprouted Sourdough Cold Fermented Batard

BeneGrain Sprouted Sourdough Cold Fermented Batard

The formulation brings together our Heritage European Artisan Flour and BeneGrain Sprouted Wheat Flour. Heritage European is a low-protein patent flour with good absorption and volume. BeneGrain sprouted whole wheat flour brings a slight maltiness and a sweeter flavor profile than a traditional whole wheat flour. The resulting loaf has a light sour and malty flavor.

Visitors to our booth will get a chance to see the bread as it goes through the process. We’ll be proofing loaves in a glass-front refrigerator so you’ll be able to see it throughout the day. Each morning, we’ll be baking those loaves on sight. Stop by Booth 540 for a taste of fresh sprouted sourdough.

As long as you’re visiting to sample our excellent bread, grab something that will last a bit longer. We’re giving away special buttons, made just for this year’s Pizza and Artisan Bakery expos.

Pizza Expo 2019 Buttons

At the 2019 Artisan Bakery Expo we’ll be giving away these buttons at Booth 540.

Whether you’re a crusty old baker, a grazer who has gotten a bit doughy or you’re just plain needy…or kneady, we’ve got the button to capture your situation. Wear it proudly and enjoy the show!